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Club News

The May Club meeting and Social was held a Pat and Brian Lyon's house in the Cape. Thanks again Pat & Brian for being wonderful hosts. The minutes of the Club Board Meeting are available on the club meeting minutes page

Future Events Update

The Beethoven vs Coldplay at BB Mann Theater concert turned out to be great. Maybe not to everybodies taste but certainly entertaining. The other May 2019 event is a boat trip out of Sanibel on Saturday May 25th 6:30 to 8:00pm. The Club will provisionally book this. Please click on the Reserve Link in the website calendar if you are interested in going.

The KEY WEST trip out of Sanibel on June 29th leaving from Fort Myers on the KEY WEST Express has been cancelled due to the numbers of members who would liked to go but are unable to go at the scheduled date. It will scheduled to a future date TBD.

The number of members and non-members that are going to each of the events is shown below:

May 25th Event - Sanibel Boat Trip = 14

June 1st Event - Soccer = ?

June 8th Event - Movie Theatre = ?

We have 2 gigs coming up in June. One for the Soccer lovers on June 1st, and a movie night on June 8th for those who like Elton John. Please click on the Events calendar for further information. The next Club meeting and social is going to be held in SIDELINES on June 22nd.

  • Champions League Cup June 1st at 2:30pm - being shown at Duffy'd Bar and Grill
  • Rocket Man (Elton John) - being shown at Fort Myers Beach Theatre
  • June Club Meeting and Social - being held at SIDELINES

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