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Club News

April's club meeting Indian theme night at Sheila and Brian (Vindaloo McGoo) Evans's was another great success. Many thanks to our wonderful host couple. That goes for Sammy too who was very patient with all the food that was around.

This month's minutes have been published on the website where you can view and download a copy. The next club event is scheduled for this Saturday April 28th at the Cape Cabaret. The entertainment will be the GOLDTONES who are very popular. The night is a sell out and we unforetunately missed the cutof for the 1/2 Price Entrees. Full details of the change is on the Events page. Please remember to click on the event Reserve Link to give us an idea of how many folks are going.

With so much happening in May and the Royal Wedding celebrations to plan the board decided to cancel the May Club meeting and move it to June 16th. Marion Crambe is still holding the meeting at her house, but the event will be an Italian Theme night and not Scottish as originally intended.

We are also going to ask club members to respond to all monthly events even if they can't go. as this will make event numbers planning alot easier.

The number of members and non-members that are going to each of the events is shown below:

April Club Event = 18 (20 places booked)

May Club Event = ?

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