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Club News

Next event is the Club social on Dec 15th

The number of members and non-members that are going to each of the events is shown below:

December 15th Club Meeting/social Wicked Dolphin Tour = 20

December 15th Club Meeting/social Big Blue Brewery = 32

Future Events Update

We have had to change the date of the December (second Xmas party) Club meeting to Saturday 15th December. The location is the Big Blue Brewery and Wicked Dolphin in Cape Coral. We have the room at Big Blue Brewery for the meeting and dinner. We will have a few games and of course maybe a quiz? The dress theme It will be a bad Xmas sweater{T shirt) night and the Brewery tour will start at 4pm ($6.26 Inc tax) followed by dinner at 5:30pm. More details on the events calendar.

The January 2019 All MEMBER CLUB MEETING event is looking like a Pub Games night at Scottys Bierworks Saturday 12th Jan in Cape Coral. The meeting will be to discuss and agree the fure direction of the club.

Spamalot will be at the Barbara B Mann Theatre on Saturdey Feb 9th 2019. Jan Corbett has reserved 15 tickets for the Saturday Matinee at 2pm show so members please signup on the website. Places will be allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis. Before the event members can meet at the University Grill where they have a $16 Early Bird menu with happy hour drinks as well. If you don't want to go to the event you can turn up for the lunch and chill out. We are checking with them to see if we can have private room and will let everybody know.

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